P2P Link is recognized for its proven results. Our clients have consistently benefited from:

  • Automated claim indexing performed automatically by P2P Link
  • State Specific rules and edits ensure bills are clean and complete before received by the workers' compensation payers
  • Improved bill throughput rates by as much as 250%
  • Reduced administrative overhead by 25% or more

Our payer results are inherently tied to the solutions employed by medical providers. To see more on how P2P Link's provider solutions work, click here.

Payer Services & Solutions

Are you still:

  • Sorting medical bills and attachments in your mail room?
  • Manually indexing bills against your claim files?
  • Keying bills into the bill review system?
  • Hoping the providers sent all the necessary information and attachments?

P2P Link helps workers' compensation carriers, TPAs and self insured employers process bills faster while reducing internal handling costs and efficiently securing critical medical bill information. We ensure the delivery of clean, complete eBills - a feat not mastered by any other organization within a single hub.

P2P Link can do the following for you:

  • Accept medical bills and attachments
  • Perform automated claim indexing against your claim file
  • Validate bills against state and payer specific rules and edits
  • Deliver only clean and complete bills electronically
  • Allow you to focus on claims management

Consistently involved in the workers' compensation regulatory environment, P2P Link ensures compliance with emerging state requirements for workers' compensation electronic bill processing.