The P2P Link Difference

  • Reduction of Overhead Expenses
  • Increase First-Pass bill pay
  • Increase Collection Activity Effectiveness
  • Enhance Support Staff Performance with tools at their fingertips connecting them to payers

Your New Tool Set with P2P Link

  • Electronic submission of all your workers’ compensation bills and attachments
  • Verification within 24-48 hours that your bills were received
  • Online claim number and date-of-injury verification
  • Know within days if your bills do not have a claim established with the payer
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Provider Services & Solutions

You’ll know when… you’ll know how long… you’ll know why.
What do you currently know?

Does your current process still rely on the old “Drop and Hope” billing system for workers’ compensation?

Are you still:

  • Mailing your bills and hoping they get to the workers’ compensation payer?
  • Hoping your bills don’t need further information or correction to be paid?
  • Hoping money will appear in your mailbox sooner than 2-6 months?

Are you currently waiting 4-6 weeks to find out if your bills were received, invalid or need additional information?

There is more advanced technology currently available to eliminate this “uncertainty cycle”.

What if you could find out the status of your bills within days?

Get PAID in as few as 10 to 14 business days
DECREASE Accounts Receivable Turn-around to less than 40 days

“Reduce the guesswork in work comp reimbursement”